Steel Roofing Material

EM15-126 Metal Wall Panel

One of the greatest options for homeowners and building owners alike to have installed is high quality, long lasting, steel roofing material. These new roofing products look spectacular, and offer tons of great benefits to anyone that has it professionally installed on their home or office. They last a lifetime longer than shingles, look super sleek and modern, and hold up to severe weather so much better than the rest of the roofing materials on the market today.

LONGEVITY of Steel Roofing

The Steel metal roofs can easily last more than 30 years with only the bare minimal maintenance activities, whereas a comparably priced asphalt shingle roof will need constant upkeep and intermittent repairs. We recommend to have your roof inspected at least once per year and be sure to keep up with the proper maintenance. The trade off for a couple hours of work however, is that your new steel roof will last considerably longer than 30 years. The products we sell will last a lifetime with the proper maintenance and minimal upkeep. Clean steel roofing can retain up to 95% of their reflectivity and emittance over their lifetime.

RECYCLING Steel Roofing

One of the other great benefits of using steel roofing material, is that it is environmentally friendly. These products are not going to break down and contaminate the environment, like asphalt shingles for example. To make things better, they can be recycled. Steel roofs, even at the end of their life cycle, are completely recyclable, and the majority of our products are made from previously recycled material to begin with.

STRENGTH of Steel Roofing

Steel roofs have shown to sustain extreme wind gusts exceeding 140 miles per hour. This steel material is so incredibly durable! Even those having a steel roof installed in areas experiencing sustained high wind speeds, the roof still does not crack, break, or corrode under these extreme conditions. Because steel roofing is exceptionally durable, you will not need to have quite so much professional maintenance, which other roofing types have shown to be quite expensive.

EFFICIENT Steel Roofing

High strength steel roofing will not only protect you from the ever changing weather, but it will help you save lots of money on your utility bills. Steel metal roofs are substantially more energy efficient than the other types; they reflect solar radiant heat with most finishes and colors, absorbs heat with other types of finishes and colors. These features can reduce energy costs by up to a staggering 25 percent!

LESS BUILDUP on Steel Roofing

When the harsh weather systems strike, and there’s an excessive amount of snow or rain falling on your home or office building, there will be considerably less buildup or accumulation of precipitation than with other roofing material styles. This inherent feature will help to prevent water damage, ice damming, and other damaging roof problems.

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