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T16-E Metal Wall Panel

T16-E Metal Wall Panel
Panel Coverage: 36″
Rib Height: 3/4″
Rib Features: 90° Vertical box ribs on 4.5″ centers
Standard Gauge: 24
Optional Gauge: 22

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Trust the quality and craftsmanship of the JR Metal Roofing Supplied products. All of our products come with a 25 – 45 year factory warranty for your peace of mind. The durability and look of our metal wall panels, metal roofing material and metal soffits are the best in the industry.

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ASTM E 1592 Roof Uplift
ASTM E 283 Air Leakage
ASTM E 330 Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference
ASTM E 331 Water Penetration


We’re always available to assist you with your metal material order. Having direct contact with the manufacturer, you’ll receive 7-10 day deliveries.

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With factory direct shipping anywhere in the country, you’ll be impressed with how affordable our metal product pricing is.

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Most builders have extra burden fees on metal roofing and siding material, to maintain their operations. JR Metal Roofing Supply made it possible for me to get material at contractor rates, and still have it delivered directly to my home!

My last tenants had damaged a few siding panels shortly after they moved in. The replacement process ordering through JR Metal Roofing Supply was seamless, and matched perfectly with the existing ones. Highly recommended.

My partner and I had made a great decision getting in touch with JR Metal Roofing Supply. They have a huge selection selection of metal siding and roofing panels. With a little help, we our prototype development facility. Looks perfect

Learn from the professional metal roofing experts

Our metal roofing products introduces a huge number of benefits versus the alternatives such as asphalt shingles or heavy tiles. Metal roofing by far, has one of the highest lifespans, lower maintenance costs, and is more energy-efficient. It’s easy to see, making the choice to use metal is far superior than using other roofing materials.


longer Lifespan

Using metal roofing material will provide longer lasting results versus any other roofing material commonly used across the country. In any weather situation across the United States, you’ll want a roof that will last a lifetime.

Asphalt shingles, for example, will only last roughly 15 years if the weather isn’t too rough on them. Often shingles in the northern climates will only last for roughly twelve years.

If you’re like the rest of America, and don’t want to continuously replace your roof every decade and a half or so, it’s like the best decision to invest in a solid metal roofing product like those listed above. These long lasting durable metal roofing systems will get you through an entire lifetime after installation on your home or office building without the worry about replacement. This material on your commercial building or home, creates added value and less hassle for you in the long run. Given the following explanation of commercial metal roofing and residential metal roofing lifetime costs, you’ll notice the value vs the cost of a shingle roof.

Total cost of roofing systems over 60 years of age

An estimate of an average commercial building metal roofing material = Approx. $18,570.00 lifetime cost

An estimate of an average commercial building shingle roofing material = Approx. $261,119.00 lifetime cost

What is the timeline for metal roofing systems?

Typically speaking, most metal roofs last any where from forty five to seventy five years. The actual length of time can fluctuate depending on how well the metal roof has been maintained over its entire lifespan. Those that like to keep their roofing well-maintained, will notice that their metal roof lasts much longer than one that is not properly maintained. The idea of purchasing metal roofing products is that it has a low maintenance requirement which makes it easy to keep up with.


The best in wind resistance

Metal roofs will offer superior resistance during all of nature’s seasons. One of the biggest and most damaging forces of nature is wind. Don’t be like your neighbors, picking up hundreds of shingle fragments after a hurricane, severe storm, or even near by tornados. JR Metal Roofing products will be looking virtually unscathed after the storm. The only portion of a metal roofing system that wind can grab ahold of is the bottom edge of the metal roofing where the lowest part of the roof meets the gutters. These roofing systems are fastened down so tight that wind won’t stand a chance.


Metal Roofing – Nothing like a little boost in curb appeal

Our metal roofs have that super sleek, sharp and clean appearance to enhance the aesthetics of your home, building, or office. Our metal building products come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and different colors. These modern metal roofing panels and siding will blend in with virtually all architectural styles, and they simulate tile, various shake textures, and even three dimensional shingles.

If you’re still thinking that metal roofs do not look good, than you haven’t seen the latest in metal roofing products and designs. The JR Metal Roofing products supplied for homes, offices, industrial and commercial buildings, have a completely new modern look and feel versus those old-style rough corrugated metal roofing that may had used on barns back in the day. Check out our some of the pictures on the product pages of how elegant metal roofing looks in comparison.


Increased commercial building, office, and home value

In addition to metal roofing adding an amazing aesthetic appeal to your home, office or commercial building, it can also increase your building’s value when that time comes to putting it on the market. Every potential property buyer knows a great deal when they see one, and seeing a great looking building or home with a metal roof tells them they’re getting all the wonderful benefits a solid metal roof has to offer. When investing a lot of money on an office, home or building, no one wants to sink more money into it any time soon. With any of our fine metal roofing products, it’ll be nearly 50+ years before they’ll even have to worry about replacing it.


Drastically improved energy efficiency for your home or office building.

Keeping the climate temperate costs money, and there’s no way the southern states will go through a year without the ability to cool down the home or building. If your AC is working double-time, costing you a mere fortune in energy bills, that could likely be a problem with your roofing system. Those thick asphalt shingles will absorb a lot of heat from radiating from the sun, heating up your attic space, and conduct heat into your home or office where it’s not wanted in the summertime. Unfortunately, this adds higher temperatures to the living and working areas that your air conditioning unit has to overcome every single day.

There are primarily two factors that surround metal roofing products, its ability to reflect light and its ability to dissipate heat that is radiated to its surface. The air gap between the perforations on a lot of our products allow air flow to rise from the bottom to the top caps drawing the heat out through natural convection. This natural convection affect is also dependent on the color of the roofing material purchased and installed. Metal roofing material is so efficient in milder climates that they may altogether remove the need for using an air conditioner. We don’t believe our customers will be removing their AC units any time soon, but the savings are definately realized.


A much more sustainable roofing material

That’s right! Metal roofing is more sustainable because it is 100% recyclable. Unlike the asphalt shingles that head to the dumpster and then the landfill, our metal roofing and siding materials will suit the environmentally conscious mind with its recyclable attributes. Even our new metal roofing panels are manufactured with at least a modest percentage of previously used metal. Compared to the majority of other roofing material options, metal roofing products like ours are definitely more sustainable.


Fire resistant metal roofing and metal siding

Metal roofs are generally considered fire proof. Products usually made from zinc, steel, copper and other exotic alloys, can stand up to sudden lightning strikes and spuratic wildfires. Our metal roof and siding products will not ignite and spread the fire further, like many of the other roofing products will do. This being said, you’ll sleep a whole lot easier knowing that your roof is a vital aspect to your family’s safety and well being.


Our customers receive metal roofing insurance discounts

Many people don’t realize this, but did you know that after installing a metal roof on your home or business, it could qualify you for a discount on your property insurance? Even the insurance companies know the security and safety of metal roofing products. They love them because they won’t have to cover as many claims for damages and replacements. A lot of our customers save money every month because they let their insurance company know had a metal roof installed on their home or business building.


Lower in maintenance time – Metal Roofing and Siding

Ask any homeowner; they know there’s a never-ending mountain of tasks related to keeping a house in good functioning condition. Anytime you can save time and money versus hiring contractors or spending days learning a new set of DIY skills, you’re freeing up time for yourself in order to do the things you really want to do in life. Quit endlessly hemorrhaging money into your roof one repair after another, and do your company or family a favor by purchasing a metal roof system that will survive the harsh weather systems that arrive every year.


Metal panels and roofing for use on all home types and building structures

One of the lightest-weight roofing materials available is metal. Home, office, or commercial buildings that have a less than desirable building structure can easily handle the light weight metal roofing products we sell. These products will not take a major toll on your home, building or office structure.

Is Maintaining a metal roof easy?

Metal is by far one of the lowest maintenance roofing materials on the market, but you should put in a little care to keep it in tip top condition. You will want to be sure the following action items are handled at least once a year, to maximize the life of your roof:

  • Scrub and remove any mildew, dirt, and stains from the metal surface
  • Remove and discard any leaves, branches and random debris
  • Clean out any and all gutters and downspout drains
  • Remove any leaves and various debris caught in roof valleys
  • Spot check fasteners (approx one out of every 20), rivets, and screws. If you notice one, check for more in that area in need of repair.


Metal roofs are not any more susceptible to attracting lightning than any other roofing structure. However, that being said, if a lightning strike does happen to hit your home or building, you’re much safer under a metal roof than being under any other type of roofing material.

Metal roofs are great conductors of electricity, and when coupled with other fire-resistant insulation materials, will minimize the impact of a lightning strike by leading it to diffuse in the ground. Since all of our metal roofing products are noncombustible, they won’t spontaneously catch fire in the event of a lightning strike.