Which Type of Metal Roofing is Right?

TLC-1 Metal Soffit, Wall, or Liner Material

Picking the perfect metal roofing type is important

However, the type of metal roof that best fits your building’s design or home may not be so simple to define. That’s where JR Metal Roofing comes in to help you with your project.

Here you will learn about metal roofing, and we’re not going to get into the differences between common roofing systems, like metal versus shingles. What we are going to do instead, is focus more on the buyer and their building’s individual characteristics and what makes them a perfect fit for a metal roofing type system.

The two main focal points of this are as follows:

  1. Learn about metal roofing and it’s properties
  2. Understand how metal roofing is important to adding property value

Here’s why you should know all about metal roofing

Understand your style of architecture, and figure out what your likes and dislikes are before shopping around for the perfect JR Metal Roofing product. This will help you choose a perfect metal roof type material, and reviewing all of our products will help you decide what type of metal roof you would like to have.

Know Your Available Budget

Be realistic in your budget amount, and stay within your comfort zone.

Understand how much money you’re willing to spend on a roof period. If you’re not in the price range of comfortably affording metal roofing products, you may have to wait to install the material for another year. Sometimes switching to a different style of metal roof will keep your building and home protected for a bit less than the higher end metal roofing products we offer.

Also understand that this will most likely be a one time payment. By switching to metal roofing, you should not have to worry about replacing the roof for the rest of your life. If you’re currently strapped for cash and not able to put down a large amount of money at one time, this may not be the best choice at the moment, and waiting a year may be best.

What styles and designs of metal roof products look good to you?

7 Reasons a Metal Roof is the Best Choice for Your Home or Business: Style / Design

Some times its best to search the internet for different designs and concepts of metal roofing on buildings and homes. You should have a good idea of what you want your dream home or business metal roofing system to look like. Do you want the roof to be the focal point of the home or building, or would you prefer it to blend into the surrounding environment better? What types of shapes and detailed lines would it have? Hard and sharp square lines, or softer more smooth flowing? The finish could be popping out at you, or a bit more dull and tame.

Choose from several dozen different combinations of metal roofing materials:

  • Panel Types and Styles
    • Standing Seam Type
    • Exposed Fastener Type
    • Stamped Metal Shake, Stamped Metal Tiles, Stamped Metal Shingles
  • Different Paint Types
  • Wide Color Range
  • Finish Types and Styles
    • Super high gloss with high reflectivity of sunlight
    • Matte and low reflectivity of sunlight
  • Seam Styles and Types
    • Mechanically attached
    • Snap-lock style
    • Tee shaped
    • Exposed Fastener Lap Style
  • Rib Roller (Grip between the seam structures)
    • Flat Style and Modern Sleek
    • Ribbed Style
    • Striated and 3-Dimensional
    • Corrugated and Utility